Tom Yates 
Gatekeeper Technology Ltd., 1 Sedgwick Street, Cambridge, CB1 3AJ, UK
+44/0 1223 704038


	- most major UNIXes (primarily CentOS Linux)
	- perl, shell scripting, html
	- extensive TCP/IP networking, including DNS, NIS, SMTP, POP/IMAP,
	  IPSec, iptables, secure web servers
	- virtualisation, particularly KVM and AWS
	- CISCO router (IOS) and PIX firewall configuration
	- Network Appliance file servers


Senior Networking Specialist with Gatekeeper Technology, Cambridge, UK.
9/98 - date
	- projects include
	  - complete development-environment office setups
	  - internet-access setups, VPNs and firewalls
	  - mail, web and DNS servers
	  - backup systems
	  - monitoring and notification systems
	  - lecture courses on Linux use and administration
	- Linux and free software used extensively
	- substantial client base in UK and abroad

	In this role, over the past twenty years, I have handled clients of all
	sizes, with projects that range from a half-day of high-level network
	consultancy to soup-to-nuts design, implementation, multi-lifecycle
	support, business continuity planning, and eventual retirement
	stretching over a ten-year period.

	To serve many clients at the same time, triage and prioritisation,
	communication (written, verbal, and online), record-keeping and
	documentation, and a fix-to-last approach have all been key skills,
	in addition to the expected technical skillset.

Regular writer for
	- Over twenty professional articles published

Linux tutoring 
	- Resident tutor for GNU/Linux courses at the Centre for Adult
	  Education and Professional Training, Long Road, Cambridge.

Firewall book published
	- "Building Linux and OpenBSD Firewalls", Sonnenreich and Yates,
	     published by Wiley
	- technical best-seller in US and Europe

Faculty Speaker at 'The Bazaar' conference
	- gave one-day workshop at conference in New York on "Building
	  OpenBSD Firewalls"
	- best-attended workshop at conference


Senior Systems Administrator                          The Mathworks, Inc.
3/96 - 7/98                                           Natick, MA, USA.

	- responsible for all server-side services - capacity planning, 
          improvements and upgrades, purchasing, rollout
	- upgraded every single company server during my tenure, including
	  the purchase and rollout of new 1.4Tb NFS/CIFS file server
	- various dream-to-rollout improvements to IS infrastructure regarding
	  mail, NIS, NT/UNIX integration, training

Systems Administrator                                 Cognex Corp.
5/95 - 3/96                                           Natick, MA, USA.

	- one of two admins who maintained a network of 160 Suns
	- spearheaded system security issues

Systems Administrator/Consultant        Nomura Bank/Nomura Research Institute
10/94 - 2/95                            London, England
	- planned and implemented the migration of several groups inside
	  the company onto the new corporate CDDI network
	- updated all systems to corporate computing standards without
	  interrupting service to the trading environment

Computer Systems Manager              Massachusetts Institute of Technology
8/93 - 8/94                           EAPS Dept., Cambridge, MA
	- one of two admins who maintained 80 machines on a heterogeneous
	- updated and supported all software and hardware for Sun, DEC and
	  HP workstations including peripheral devices
	- researched and implemented strategic management of systems
	- primary contact for user support; troubleshooting system and
	  software problems

Visiting Scientist                    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
10/91 - 8/93                          EAPS Dept., Cambridge, MA           

	- supported all UNIX systems for team members
	- key advisor for strategic systems administration
	- maintained a 12,000 line numerical model written in FORTRAN
	- developed video and print systems to analyse model data


	- Imperial College, London: BSc degree in Physics with First
	  Class Honours, June 1988 
	- Imperial College, London: completed research for Ph.D. in
	  cometary magnetotail structure, September 1991


	Classical trombone, touring motorcycling, cooking, reading


	Eligible to work in UK and Europe


	Furnished upon request

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